OK, so somehow I managed to mess up my Facebook page.  After several days trying to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it, frustrated by unclear instructions on Facebook site and complete inability to contact support and get help, I finally deleted my old page and started fresh.  If you were among my friends on the old page and I didn't contact you to ask that you "refriend" me, it's probably because I searched your name and got too many hits and couldn't figure out which one you were.  I apologize, and I dearly hope you will come "friend" me once again!!  The new page is here.  Oh, and I also now have an "author" page--come "like" me! 

My friend Cat Hoort at Kregel tells me I should mix things up with images now and then.  So what do you think of this?  Took it in my mom's front yard.
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A number of readers have emailed, tweeted, or FB'd me to ask if there might be a sequel in the works for The Mirror of N'de.  The short answer is "maybe--and you can help." 

I am working on a sequel, tentatively titled The Jewels of the Seven Tribes.  The story picks up where Mirror left off, and takes Hadlay and her friends into the Outer Lands on a quest for Sirach.  There will be wild adventures, lots of humor, a few good scares, and a conclusion that I hope will satisfy.

However, it's too early to say whether my publisher will pick it up.  Mirror was Kregel's first venture into fantasy fiction, and when bookstores go looking for new young adult fantasy literature, they're not used to looking at Kregel's catalog. So the book hasn't really caught fire--not yet.  And sales of Mirror need to be good enough to justify Kregel spending the money to publish a sequel. 

So... if you really want a sequel, here's what you can do:  Spread the word. If you like Mirror, tell your friends. Ask your local library to get a copy. Ask your local bookstores to carry it.  Blog about it, tweet about it, FB about it, tell your church youth leaders and school teachers about it--it's reader word of mouth that helps books sell. 

L.K. Malone

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Win a free copy of The Mirror of N'de!  http://ow.ly/9fxU3