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Sorry I've been away for a bit, but the blog campaign this summer took all my time and I fell way behind on other things I should be doing, like repaying favors done by friends and reviewing their work, etc. 

Anyway, I'll be a bit more sporadic for awhile but I did want to remind you that Mirror is on sale for just $5 at Amazon!!

Reviewed by Karen P. for Readers Favorite

"The Mirror of N'de" by L,K. Malone is a beautifully written fantasy about childhood learning. In the community of Turris live privileged Oresed families and poverty-stricken Ramash families. But the impoverished families have a secret story about how they will some day be redeemed by a special human who will take them back to the long-forsaken city of N'de. It could just be that the Ramash child named Hadlay Mivana will just be that child. She is the one pestered by vivid dreams which tease her and beg her to look beyond the present. When given the opportunity to serve the overlords in the palace, Hadley sees both favor and disfavor among those peers chosen to serve.

The manner in which the 'learning' is woven into the story is nothing short of delightful. Though it is a Christian novel, in no way are the messages in sermon form. Rather, they are messages which will appeal to children of various religions because they are messages of the human condition in relationship to the common hopes and dreams of us all. The main character Hadlay must take decisions faced by all children. And, she must suffer the consequences of her own decisions in order to grow in knowledge, compassion and emotional maturity. This is a book about coming of age in a world in which doing the right thing is neither clear nor easy to accomplish. There is considerable depth in the messages of growth and learning and I was impressed by the imaginative manner in which the author wove the web of human growth.

L.K.'s comment:  Thank you SO much, Karen P! 

Since nobody's paying attention, I'm going to vent.  Specifically, I'm going to spout off about the lies and scare tactics people use to get other people to vote their way.  The candidates themselves make some effort to stay downwind of the worst of it, but even they put their names on ads that contain distortions and untruths. If we could point the finger at a particular candidate as the worst culprit, it would be great, but BOTH of them are doing it.  Click the image above, and check out a list of the biggest whoppers so far this election year.  A short summary: 

Romney: "Under Obama’s plan (for welfare), you wouldn’t have to work and wouldn’t have to train for a job. They just send you your welfare check."   NOT TRUE.

Obama: Says Mitt Romney "backed a bill that outlaws all abortions, even in cases of rape and incest."   NOPE.

Paul Ryan:  Claims President Obama "has doubled the size of government since he took office."  NOT EVEN CLOSE- -and Mr. Budget Guru should know better!

Joe Biden: Said U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal "eliminates Medicare" in 10 years. NUH UH. 

I could go on and on.  And a host of fact checkers could spend whole lifetimes debunking the stuff that rolls off the airwaves on liberal and conservative talk radio.  Yep. I'm talking about RUSH.    And about RACHEL, too.

What got me started?  Well, I spent a few hours with some old friends recently, people I normally consider intelligent and well-informed.  And with straight faces these bright, ordinarily thoughtful people told me that Barack Obama was not born in the United States, and he's secretly a Muslim.  These claims have been so thoroughly debunked that I'm astonished that anyone still believes them.  If you aren't so sure yourself, here are some links--get acquainted with the facts. 

Obama's birth certificates:
According to Snopes. 

According to Wikipedia.

Obama's religion--in his own words:
In 2010.

Last Easter.

If you're a conservative Christian, you have plenty of reasons to vote against Obama based on his positions on the issues and his actions in office, without wasting your angst, ire and vote on flat-out lies.  The President was born in Hawaii and he is at least as Christian as half the people in your church on Easter Sundays. 

I can almost hear my conservative Christian friends saying "oh, but that's just lip service," or, "if he IS a Christian, he's not a very good one" because they just can't get their heads around the idea that someone can think so differently than they do and still be a brother in the Lord.  For myself, I'm not about to judge another person's state of grace, since I have a lot of baggage myself.   If he says he's a Christian I believe him.  

Oh, and while we're on the subject of what makes a person a "good" Christian, I'll vent a little about that, too.  Some Christians will try to tell you that if you aren't lockstep in sync with their politics, you aren't really in Christ.  Almost always these folks are Republican, but I know a few left-leaning Christians who reckon that those who "drink the Koolaid" politically, are bowing to peer pressure rather than listening to God. 

Let me set the record straight:  MY Bible doesn't say that "whosoever believes in Jesus and votes a straight agenda (pro-life, care for the poor, whatever) is saved."  MY Bible says if we believe in Jesus (as in he is who he said he is--and yes, guys, he did say he is God--and that his death atoned completely for all our sins), we are saved.  Period.  If you really had to get all the other stuff right, the cross would be useless. We all get stuff wrong, that's the whole point.

Some of the finest, most God-fearing, Jesus-loving Christians I know are going to vote for Obama, and they can give sound, Biblical reasons for doing so. Likewise my more conservative Christian friends have scripture to back their votes.   Both parties stand for some principles that are Biblical and good, and very much WWJD, and both parties also stand for things that are entirely contrary to Scripture.  It's up to you to decide which issues are most important, and then discover, through reliable sources, which candidate is closer to your views.

I don't care who you vote for, but do this troubled, precious country a favor and make sure that you know the truth, and that you're voting based on what your candidate actually believes, promises and does.  If you vote based on the half-truths and outright lies that are flying around, or because your friends or family have you convinced that God will send you straight to h-e-double-hockey-sticks if you vote the "wrong" way, you're not being responsible with one of the most precious rights our Founding Fathers fought and bled to win for us. 

And if you're not going to bother to do the research and find out the facts, do us all a favor and don't vote.  Just sayin'.





Just sayin'.
Just in case you still labor under the misconception that writers make a lot of money, here's a great wake-up call. If you don't love writing, don't write, because for the vast, vast majority of us, the biggest compensation is just loving what we do. 
Credit: Robertbowenart.com
Ogret plunged her hands into the water, emerging in a moment with a great wad of cloth. “We had been using this to keep the basin from draining itself dry. But no need any longer.” Then she plunged in again, splashing about wildly. “And here’s your clog!” With Brecho’s aid, she was able to wrestle what looked like a large cat, though instead of legs, it had long, winding tentacles with suction discs. It hissed and wrenched itself from their grip and launched itself down the drain.

“Zêru’s octokitty!” Magira clapped her hands. “He was so unhappy when she disappeared. She was pregnant, you know, due for kits any time when she vanished. She must have had them by now.”

Author note:  I honestly thought I made this critter up all on my own, but then today I Googled "Octokitty," and was amazed at the scads of images available!  The above is the one most perfect for my story. 

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Why haven't I seen more squawk about the fact that 50 Shades of Gray is getting endcap placement in major stories like Target and Krogers--in Target's case right next to the Tween reads?  Given the series is supposedly fanfic based on Twilight, is NOBODY concerned that adolescent Twi-hards are going to drift right over to what amounts to BDSM erotica?  I have nothing against the First Amendment, but what happened to responsible placement of "Adult" material?