I asked if you could think of other ways God speaks to us. Here's one: He speaks through events. I'll use this blog as an example.  It worked just fine for months, but all of a sudden, it started giving me fits.  You may recall in August I took a little time off to catch up with other stuff. During that time something changed, and when I came back it no longer worked. I write my posts ahead of time in Word, then paste the text to the blog page, but suddenly the blog would no longer accept my pastes. It would let me write the post directly, but writing more than 300 words in something other than a true word processor is a non-starter for me. I need the ability to write anywhere I find the time, and Word is the only thing that works on all the devices I use.

I emailed support. They kept sending me messages saying they could post just fine, and would I try again. So I'd try again, still same problem (of course—since nothing had actually changed). I tried to cooperate, but you know what they say about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Finally, I'd had enough. I told them that I needed them to look beyond that stock answer and help me find a solution. When that yielded no results, I told them I needed to speak with a manager.  That's when tech support stopped replying to my requests altogether.

So I went to the BBB website and posted my experience, and asked for either A) a solution to the problem, or B) a refund of the remainder of the contract so I could migrate my site to a different host.  

It took 24 hours for BBB to pass my request to the host, and within another 24 hours, I had a call from someone on the host's legal team, who hooked me up with a technician, and voila! They found a solution. All I need to do is first paste my text to Notepad, which strips out some little gremlins that sneak in with Word's formatting. I can then copy that and paste to the blog without any problem.  It's an extra step I didn't have to take before, but it's simple enough I'm not going to complain.

So what did God want me to learn from this?  Maybe it was a lesson about persistence—if you have something to do and it's hard, keep at it until you have success.  Or maybe it was an indirect lesson about the power of prayer. I tried and tried and tried to get the host to work with me, and I was getting nowhere. I had a site that I'd paid for that didn't work, and no way to make it work or find alternatives that worked.  Then I sought an intermediary, one that had some power and could wield it on my behalf—and that brought an answer.  

Obviously, it's a matter of interpretation. But I have a sense that God was speaking to me about using that most powerful intermediary—prayer—when my own efforts fail me. That HE can intercede for me and get results when nothing else can. I don't think to pray as often as I can or should, so this is meaningful to me.

Can you think of an event in your own life, and maybe see a lesson God wanted to teach you? Again, it's a matter of interpretation, but in my experience, when you hit on what it is that God wants you to gain from the experience, you'll know.



04/22/2016 2:22pm

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